Tough Cookie

The Zombie Queen and Madame Necrosis traveled through the fog to Campbellsport, WI this past Sunday to film for the amazing movie Tough Cookie.

Keep an eye out for the release of this Bloodbath!

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Exclusive Pics

He dead fans, if you are over 18 and want access to some exclusive pictures of the Zombie Queen from the Midwest Body Art Festival send in your birthday via e-mail to and we will give you the access code. Come on and be a Very Important Zombie!


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The Z-GirlZ have returned from New York!

The Zombie Queen, Madame Necrosis, and the Witch Doctor traveled to the East Coast and performed with Neurogenesis, Female Dominated Society and The Genitorturers! Check out pictures from our trek under Zombie Sightings. More videos from the performance to come! So keep an eye out.

The Z-GirlZ very own Homemade blood!

The Z-GirlZ very own Homemade blood!




The Genitorturers


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The Z-GirlZ are going to New York!

The Z-GirlZ will be heading east this weekend to perform with The Genitorturers and Neurogenesis in Poughkeepsie, New York. If you are within stumbling distance this is not a show you want to miss!

Follow us @z_girlz for picture updates from our voyage!

Z-GirlZ team at Ska-Pocalypse

Z-GirlZ team at Ska-Pocalypse

Click Here for more info!


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Hello world!

The Z-GirlZ are revamping our site, our content and our business. New Zombie Goodness to come soon!

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